Marius® Aftonsocks, Compression socks

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Marius® Aftonsocks, Compression socks


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Product description:

The socks have an invigorating graded compression figure that improves blood circulation and energy levels, and are demonstrated by scientific research to reduce fatigue, speed extraction from workouts, and to stop some vein and skin diseases. Wellbeing is knitted right into the design of the socks.

This model is a part of AftonSocks Sterling collection. The foot is lined with a metallic silver fiber that is FDA and EPA approved to kill bacteria and reduce odors in the process. It is perfect for whole day wear and tear and long distance travels.

Product functions:

  • 18-22mmHg graded compression (FDA approved)
  • Ethically made in Italy
  • Luscious cotton / nylon blend for an even and durable feeling
  • Sterling Line: foot lined with metallic silver fiber
  • Seamless "it's like butter" toes


42% Cotton
36% Nylon
18% Spandex
4% Metallic Silver X-Static

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