Marius® Inspirasjon, New book from 2014

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Marius® Inspirasjon, New book from 2014


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New Marius knitting book on sale now!

This book, "Marius Inspirasjon" is the largest book made about the Marius pattern. In the wake of the knitting wave that has taken Norway by storm, this book presents over 500 inspired images from hand knitters throughout Norway, and shows various ways to use the Marius pattern. Here are unusual color suggestions and applications, and everything needed to be inspired to use the Marius pattern in new and creative ways. The book also tells the history and the design story of the Marius pattern in a timeline. The book includes nearly 60 great knitting patterns, both classic ones and new and exciting recipes. This is the most comprehensive book about the Marius pattern and the knitting patterns.

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ISBN: 9788299964111
Number of pages: 303
Info: Over the title: Norwegian knitting history, 60 recipes
Release date: 23.10.2014
Other contributors: Vigdis Augusta Yran Dale (author)
Language: Bokmål
Binding: Hardcover
Literary form: Hobby books
Topics: Knitting
Size: H308*B217*D32
Reading skill: Adult
Publishing: Tigerforl.
Literature Type: Nonfiction
Main Title: Marius inspirasjon
Issue: 1
Release: 2014