Licensing of MARIUS®

What is a MARIUS-license?

A license grants you the right to use the protected MARIUS® pattern as decoration on your products, publications or campaigns. The licensor retains ownership of the copyright while the licensee purchases the right to use the trademark on products and in campaigns for an agreed period.

The benefits of a product license

Using this well-known icon on your products, will generate market recognition for your product. Your product will reach new target groups and have a strong competitive edge over similar products on the market. The chance to co-operate with other license holders is a further advantage that will open up new marketing channels. This will increase your product sales and profits.

What we require from a licensee

To be approved to be a MARIUS-licensee, you must have products with a high quality which can live up to the brand values- what we call the “DNA” (described under here).

You must describe your product-ideas, and provide a production- and business plan including a distribution network. You must define why you wish to use the MARIUS® for your products.

License agreement

If you are approved as a licensee, we will finalize a collaboration contract, based on an agreed royalty, defined by your sales and your use of the MARIUS-brand. If you would like to use the MARIUS in an advertisement or other sales promotions, the fee will be set in proportion to your media.

How we work together

As a Licensee, collaboration and development can begin. You send us your product designs for approval before production begins. Product designs, packaging and publicity material shall all be approved by the license owner, before any production. The official copyright symbol must always be visible whatever the medium – on a product, an advertisement or campaign material.

MARIUS® brand team can support you with professional design advice. We can also supply clients design services through our inhouse designers and external partners.

Based on our professional knowledge of local and international retail markets, we coordinate branded retail campaigns and fairs around the world, together with our international partners. 

- MARIUS® brand team

MARIUS facts

  • The MARIUS sweater designed in Norway by Unn Søiland in 1953

  • More than 5.000.000 hand knit patterns sold in Norway since 1953.

  • The No. 1 handknitted sweater in Norway

  • 125.000 pieces of “The story of MARIUS”-books sold in Norway since 2012

  • 25 licensees in Norway since 2009

  • Sales increase 2.400 % since year 2009.

  • + 11.000 “Marius of Norway” Facebook Fans

  • More than 33 million Google hits for Marius

  • 65 years Jubilee in 2018



  • Scandinavian handicraft

  • Traditional design

  • Famous beloved handknit-pattern

  • Love of Nature

  • Sports and outdoors

  • Family

  • Unisex

  • Products for every season

Contacts for licensing

Brand Director

Kristin Tjulander

Phone: +46 8 555 206 00


Brand Manager

Mahsa Saboohian

Phone: +47 913 62 606